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Re: Another 2.6 upgrade

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 23:22, Karl Bowden wrote:
> Luis M wrote: 
> > Hello all, 
> > 
> > This is a detailed report of an upgrade from Sarge's Gnome 2.4 to
> > Experimental Gnome 2.6.
> > 
> > First things first, I added both "unstable" and "experimental" to my
> > sources.list file and went from there as I did previously with a
> > different system, only this time i tried to take notes on the things
> > that went wrong. This is what I got:
> I'm running Sarge too. But ll that "apt-get install -t experimental
> gnome-desktop-environment" cops me is:
> E: Broken packages
> Where am I going wrong? Should I be putting all of the deps in
> individually/manually? I really dont want to be doing that (again).

No you should not be doing that. 

Did you put "unstable" in your sources.list file? Remember that
"experimental" is not a self contained repository and it depends on
"unstable" for all packages missing from it.

Assuming you did that, then what do you have in /etc/apt/apt.conf
APT::DefaultRelease ? If you have something there, remove it for the
moment until you do the upgrade/install.

There is a file that might stop you from installing everything because
there is a conflict between kdelibs-data and hicolor-icons-theme (which
is not in experimental yet).

I had to do something very weird to fix this issue. (Read previous
posts). However, you might not go through that since the second time I
installed Gnome2.6 on a different system (the one that originated this
report) I didn't have to do anything to fix the conflict between
kdelibs-data and hicolor-icons-theme.

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

The only other people who might benefit from Linux8086 would be owners
of PDP/11's and other roomsized computers from the same era. -- Alan Cox


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