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Re: how to easily get gnome 2.6 out of experimental ?

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 21:28, Luis M wrote:
> I did just that to give it a try and I got stuck at hicolor-icon-theme.
> It seems to have one file in common with kdelibs-data

Well, I got rid of it the "hard" and "not recommended" way for now
(faking the system to "think" it is installed).
At least this problem is known now ;-).

Aside from that, Nautilus seems to be very speedy and everything else
rocks (so far). I can't get my gnome-devel stuff to work (working on a
dvd authoring system for Gnome. almost done).

Any thoughts on what to do to get all gnome dev packages to install?

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

After 14 non-maintainer releases, I'm the S-Lang non-maintainer. -- Ray


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