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Re: Intent to adopt GStreamer for Debian GNOME Maintainers

"David I. Lehn" <dlehn@debian.org> writes:

> 0.6.x: There has only been one GStreamer core release since Oct.  I
> didn't upload it due to the minor fixes and I don't know how best to
> manage the non-versioned non-parallel-installable tools that are now in
> both 0.6.x and 0.8.x.

I don't know if there is a minor release but some Gnome people were
complaining about this last week. 

According to gstreamer website: "fixing some parallel install issues",
apparently 0.6.5 add a -0.6 suffix that's not in 0.6.4 ... which is the
debian version. Gnome's people where complaining about this, bad to no
have 0.6.5 on this point.

> I figured I'd wait for 0.8.  Or maybe I figured it was just dev code.
> Or maybe I have no good excuse.

The point is that now rhythmbox (and totem, I'd like to build a
gstreamer version) are waiting for 0.8 for 2 weeks. Not a big deal but
it would be great to have it soon.

> they seem to be in fairly good shape now.  I was going to try and get
> them uploaded this week.

s/week/week end/ ? :)

> Does the GNOME team want to take on all of the GStreamer related
> packages?  Current the core, plugins, editor, and player.  Also there
> are various language bindings which in time I assume will all get
> packaged.

I would say "no". Let me know if you disagree people. 
In my mind it's a pretty big people and not a lot (none ?) of Gnome Team
people are involved on its developpement, so I doubt we would do better
than David on this without spending a lot of time ... and I'm really not
sure that's a good idea to spend a lot of time of gstreamer if it
already has an maintainer. If some people feel to work on gstreamer they
should probably try to help David on this.

> My opinion is that I would rather see the various gstreamer projects in
> their own alioth "GStreamer Debian Packages" space rather than with the
> GNOME team.  

Seems the right thing to do. GStreamer is a big piece, and not really
GNOME specific (perhaps KDE will use it IIRC).

> At a minimum I'd like to offer up my current 0.8 work since it's nearly
> done.  I converted my local CVS packaging archive to an arch repository
> and was planning on putting it on arch.d.o.  I'm not sure how that would
> fit with the GNOME teams subversion use.

No need to have it on the SVN for the moment, and I've put your debs on
alioth last week for people that want to try it. Apparently there is
some namespace problem, and it could be usefull to upload 0.6.5 to fix
that ...

BTW thanks for the good job on gstreamer,


Sebastien Bacher

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