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Re: Intent to adopt GStreamer for Debian GNOME Maintainers

* Andrew Lau <netsnipe@users.sourceforge.net> [2004-04-07T21:40:51-0400]:
> Since you haven't uploaded a new version of GStreamer since Oct 2003,
> I've decided to "adopt" GStreamer in order to package 0.8 in time for
> GNOME 2.6's transition from experimental to unstable.
> When completed, I'll be uploading my diff.gz into the Debian GNOME
> Maintainers' SVN repository. Feel free to join the team (see the
> gnome-pkg-tools package) if you're going to resume actively maintaining
> GStreamer in future.

Hmm.  I have been busy with other things and a bit delinquent with my
Debian duties lately.  Probably my worst offense is not responding to
bugs promptly.  I apologize for that.

0.6.x: There has only been one GStreamer core release since Oct.  I
didn't upload it due to the minor fixes and I don't know how best to
manage the non-versioned non-parallel-installable tools that are now in
both 0.6.x and 0.8.x.

There are more current gst-plugins uploads except the newest 0.6.x but
most of the changes were build fixes which I have in the latest upload

0.7.x: Ahem.  I didn't really even begin to package this until the end
of the series when it was parallel installable with 0.6.  At which point
I figured I'd wait for 0.8.  Or maybe I figured it was just dev code.
Or maybe I have no good excuse.

0.8.x: I have GStreamer core and plugins packages nearly done.  They
need at least one patch from upstream CVS and some polish but otherwise
they seem to be in fairly good shape now.  I was going to try and get
them uploaded this week.

Additional help maintaining these packages would be good since
gst-plugins is a rather complex beast but some packaging control is
needed.  Plugin based projects have package splitting issues that in my
mind don't have very clear solutions.  I should probably document my
packaging reasoning somewhere so other maintainers have some sort of
idea why things are the way they are.

Does the GNOME team want to take on all of the GStreamer related
packages?  Current the core, plugins, editor, and player.  Also there
are various language bindings which in time I assume will all get

My opinion is that I would rather see the various gstreamer projects in
their own alioth "GStreamer Debian Packages" space rather than with the
GNOME team.  There are quite a few GStreamer based projects that would
fit equally well with either the GNOME packaing team or a GStreamer
packaging team.

At a minimum I'd like to offer up my current 0.8 work since it's nearly
done.  I converted my local CVS packaging archive to an arch repository
and was planning on putting it on arch.d.o.  I'm not sure how that would
fit with the GNOME teams subversion use.



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