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Output of your command ''

warning: Package 'general' rejected

No package corresponding to your bug report was found on
bugzilla.gnome.org, so your bug report has been rejected. 

If you used bug-buddy to report this bug, this failure is probably
caused by your usage of an older version of bug-buddy. Please obtain a
more up-to-date one from your distribution or ftp.gnome.org/[something

If you are attempting to correspond with the old debbugs database and
email interface, please don't: it has been deprecated and you should
instead file bugs via bug-buddy or the web interface at

If you feel that this report has been in error, and a matching product
does exist (and you can verify this via the web interface at
bugzilla.gnome.org) please write to bugmaster@gnome.org describing how
you filed the bug, including the version of bug-buddy you have

Thank you-
The GNOME Bugmasters

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