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Re: metacity and #226961


Am Do, den 22.01.2004 schrieb Jeff Waugh um 13:26:
> You could:
>  a) not use a whacked-out theme,
if i can pay a 20" laptop i will do....
(on my 1024x786 screen i love to save any space i can, on my 21" CRT
attached to my workstation i do use the "big" themes)

>  b) not use sloppy focus, or
>  c) use alt-click to raise.

thanks, but my point wasnt about what i can do to work around this....
(using gnome since 1.x i know to help myself) ...sebastiens question was
if its a problem for anybody and for me it is(...was))

...my point was that i wouldnt consider this behavior "good" (as
sebastien did) for a stable version from a HIG perspective (imagine your
granny using it this way ;-)).

as said before im fine again after upgrading to 2.6.3-2

thnx for the answers to everyone !!!


btw: jeff, thanx for planet.gnome , i love to read it !!

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