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Re: metacity and #226961

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 05:55, Graham Wilson wrote:

> It appears that the fix to #226961 et al. changed the behavior of
> metacity's sloppy focus mode. Previous to 2.6.3-2, in sloppy mode,
> windows would only raise with a click on the title bar, or an alt-click
> in the window.
> Is 2.6.3-2 really the culprit of this problem, or maybe is it something
> else?
Remove the focus patch applied to 2.6.3-2
(debian/patches/001_metacity-focus.patch) to revert to the previous
behaviour that means you have to Alt+Click to focus panel applets.

Then, if you like, download
<ftp://ftp.netsplit.com/pub/mendacity/mendacity-2.6.3-focus-panel-and-desktop.patch.gz>, uncompress it and place it in debian/patches instead.  This makes the panel get keyboard focus when you just point at it, fixing the problem.

(Note that I request that packages containing any 'mendacity' patches do
not get called "metacity" until the patches are applied upstream, if
that ever happens.)

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