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Re: respecting .Xdefaults

> > > Notice that using .Xdefaults-<hostname> instead of .Xdefaults seems to
> > > work just fine. I don't know why this is, but i store my xterm config
> > > there.

Always wondered what that difference was between those. I think I found
a man page somewhere that explained it clearly, but I've since

> > Under debian the user resource file is called .Xresources and not
> > .Xdefaults

Oh. Years ago, I just copied my dotfiles over from NetBSD, which was
copied over from Solaris, which was copied over from FreeBSD. This
particular one has never given me any trouble. 

> Well, i know, but putting stuff in .Xressources didn't seem to make a
> difference, which is why iuse the above, which works.

Yup. ^_^


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