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Re: gnome shortcut configuration

Matt Brubeck wrote:
Tendril wrote:

I have gnome 1.4 running on debian 2.1.1

How do I configure the keyboard shortcuts:

In mozilla alt-left arrow should go back and alt-right arrow go foreward

But instead alt-right arrow hides the application (even fom the panel)
and alt-left arrow restores it. How do I turn this off as I like my
keyboard shortcuts for browsing ( I use a laptop)

It sounds like your window manager is using these shortcuts to change
workspaces.  If your window manager is Sawfish, for example, then go to
the "global" bindings section of the Sawfish preferences ('sawfish-ui')
and change or delete the bindings for Alt-Left and Alt-Right.

Many thanks..

did it through the gnome control panel.. don't know my way around the file system wll enough yet.


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