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respecting .Xdefaults

Hey there --

I've been googleing around for this, and can't seem to find an
explanation or a fix. I normally run my personal session with just a
bare window manager, mainly because I'm difficult and curmudgeonly. I've
been trying to lighten up a little. I help maintain Debian systems for
other people who use Gnome, so I figured I should use some of it myself
instead of just poaching the occasional application. 

When I start a Gnome session, or even start Gnome components (like
gnome-panel), a number of settings in my .Xdefaults suddenly cease being
respected. In particular, xterm returns to it's usual (IMHO unreadable)
settings. Killing assorted Gnome components does not rectify the
situation, but nuking the X session and logging in again does. 

The "fix" I keep hearing is "use gnome-terminal." No offence intended,
but no.

What causes this? To whom should I express my grouchyness? How might it
be fixed?



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