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Re: Printing with CUPS locks galeon

On Thu, 08 Jan 2004 22:00:30 +0100
Juergen Kreileder <jk@blackdown.de> wrote:

> Tim Dijkstra <newsuser@famdijkstra.org> writes:
> > For some time now i've been unable to do that. If I try to, galeon
> > takes all the CPU it can get; it just locks up.
> >
> > Is anybody successfully using galeon in combination with CUPS for
> > printing web pages?
> >
> > I'm asking here because it seems such a obvious bug that other
> > people should have noticed it, but I can't find any comments on such
> > a problem.  So I'm a little hesitant to make a bug report, because
> > it could just be my set up (although I wouldn't know why, printing
> > from everything else works).
> I see the same problem.  I don't think it's related to CUPS, printing
> to a file locks galeon too.
> Printing from mozilla and firebird (via Xprint) works fine.
>         Juergen

After your reply I thought I'd file a bug report. But when I fired up
reportbug there was this big warning by the galeon maintainers saying:
Please first check if it works with mozilla, check upstreams bug system,
etc and check if it is something in the user-configuration. While this I
hadn't done, so I started checking. In the end I found out this:

If ones sets fonts in the preferences >> fonts menu, this will
result in lines of the form:

	user_pref("font.name.serif.x-western", "Verdana");

In the ~/.galeon/mozilla/galeon/prefs.js file. If you remove these,
printing works again. This is of course still a bug ...

grtjs Tim

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