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uring != dead_caron+u in Gtk 2.xx


when I press "dead_caron" + "u" in any Gtk 2.xx program
(gnome-terminal,epiphany...), I'll get only a beep instead of "uring"
(letter "u" with a ring above). But I'll get "uring" elsewhere - in Gtk
1.xx, in xterm, in KDE.

The file

<dead_caron> <u>                        : "\371"        uring

That's why it functions in X (xterm,KDE,Gtk 1.xx).
Before starting X I set the environment this way:

export LC_ALL=czech

which sets the locale to cs_CZ.ISO8859-2.
Keyboard layout is "setxkbmap cz".

The problem is NOT specific to debian - the same problem was reported in
RedHat (Fedora core 1).

We asked on "gtk-app-deve-list" (26 Oct), "cz.comp.linux", but we
haven't received any answer.

Does anybody know which part of gnome/gtk 2.xx is responsible for this?
Does anybody have any suggestion which list I should ask on with this

Ondrej Certik

P.S. Please send me a CC, I am not on the list.

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