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Re: So what do the Debian Gnome maintainers say?

(Christian: CCing you as my mails seen to be having huge delays today)

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 16:37, Christian Marillat wrote:
> Packaging 2.4 take exactly one day. We don't need 2 months to push 2.4
> in unstable.

I'm sure the actual packaging will take a day or so, but testing it all
and writing any migration scripts (hopefully none, the panel migrates
itself) would take longer.

> > Experimental is there for Debian Developers to test software, and the
> > GNOME 2.4 release needs it.  I'm willing to NMU your packages into
> > experimental to help the process along, whilst GNOME 2.2 is coerced into
> > testing.
> To help who ? Because people want to play with this new release ?

Basically, yes.  The sooner the packages are prepared the better, for
two reasons:

1) I'm getting fed up of telling people to wait when people ask "when
will sid get g2.4??" :)
2) The sooner its packages, the sooner is can be tested, the sooner it
is stable.

Of course 2 can be executed at the same time as 2.2 enters testing, by
using experimental.

I'm lost regarding testing-proposed-updates: did you get permission to
upload gnome-terminal and gnome-control-center there?  If so, that
should mean core 2.2 is finally in testing, which means we can all start
playing with 2.4 now and stop this arguing. :)

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