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Re: Gnome 2.4 in sid

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 11:06:41AM +0200, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> writes:
> > <quote who="david.venz@invensys.com">
> >
> >> 1. Against traditional conservativism, 2.4 goes into unstable 'tomorrow',
> >> best-case being it all goes in together after being quickly trialled for
> >> each arch in experimental
> >
> > (I wouldn't be horrified if this happened, it seems like a sane way to go
> > about it if no one is concerned with having a stable 2.2 backup plan.)
> >
> >> 2. It takes some time to iron out non-stability related things like package
> >> Replaces: and Depends: lines, or fixing transition scripts for (a) 1.4
> >> users and/or (b) 2.2 users
> >> 3. Meanwhile hell freezes over and gcc/glibc are able to go into testing,
> >> and 2.2 would have gone into testing except it's been replaced by 2.4 which
> >> is not ready for 'testing'.
> >> 4. sarge is released with 1.4 desktop or delayed until 2.4 is ready?
> >
> > That's my worst fear. :-)
> [...]
> But that (sarge with 1.4) is highly unlikely. 
> Large parts of Gnome 2.2 already _have_ made their way into
> testing. So for your fear to come true, this would have to be
> reversed. 
> It's quite probably that this reversal would be no less problematic
> than completing the transition to Gnome 2.x, given that in the
> meantime the default compiler has changed.
> I don't think that any of those in charge of managing the release
> would seriously consider this option.
> The cruxial point is probably how long it will take to sort out the
> remaining RC bugs in glibc and gcc. Can anyone give an educated guess?

Notice that another solution would be to upload a new version of the
packages needing to go into testing to testing-proposed-updates.

This means that you need to build them in a sarge environment, and as
such, there will be no glibc or other problems.

You would need to ask the RM about it, as he needs to aprove the
testing-proposed-update, but in light of the current situation, i think
he will agree.

I did exactly this for the ocaml 3.06 packages, which are blocked from
entering testing because of glibc, but i want to move to ocaml 3.07 as
soon as it is released (any day now) and not loose the bugfixes
introduced in the last uploads i made.

Also testing-proposed-updates is supposed to be auto-built, altough that
seems to be disabled right now by the RM.

So to resume, we have a possibility 3 :

  3 : reupload all packages not yet in testing to testing-proposed
  update and immediately upload gnome 2.4 to sid.


Sven Luther

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