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Re: Getting rid of libgtk2.0-0png3

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 01:15:06PM +0100, Ross Burton wrote:

 > I don't understand -- why was the previous version GTK 2 if upstream
 > is still GTK 1?  Where they Debian specific patches?  And I was only
 > one package away from purging GTK+ 1 as well... :(

 I did the initial GTK+ 2 port with the hope that upstream would pick on
 it.  That never happened (because upstream's primary development
 platform is Windows) and in the meantime there's an active development
 group on the non-Windows side, but they work with KDE.  The problem
 with the port is that is should mirror the Windows side, which is not a
 nice read, or the KDE side, which is better, but doesn't have all the
 features of the Windows frontend.

 At any rate, since noone was willing to maintain the GTK+ 2 port it
 never made it upstream.  Incidentally that also means the GTK+ 1 port
 is unmaintained.


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