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Re: annoying changes in gnome-terminal

<quote who="Miles Bader">

> Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> writes:
> > > Um, OK, but that doesn't really tell me anything -- this release seems
> > > to have _broken_ font sizes, not fixed them.
> > 
> > They've changed back, but they shouldn't be broken. You're now "back to
> > normal", basically.
> So, `normal' is (1) has oddly unintuitive font sizing (for vera sans mono,
> big jump between font sizes 8 and 9, font sizes 9 and 10 exactly the same
> width, but different heights), and (2) different than other gnome apps (in
> which font sizing seems to behave more intuitively)?
> Or is there likely to be something wrong with my particular setup?

No, that is "back to normal" for 0.10.x.

- Jeff

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