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Re: annoying changes in gnome-terminal

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 02:58, Miles Bader wrote:
> 1. In gnome terminal I've been using the font `Bitstream Vera Sans Mono 10',
>    which was a good size for me.  However after doing an apt-get upgrade
>    from unstable yesterday (the actual change may have been earlier, as I
>    just got back from a week-long holiday; my previous `working' apt-get
>    upgrade was a little over a week ago), it now is _not_ a good size, it's
>    suddenly much bigger.

Try upgrading again, vte (the terminal library) is in development mode
(really 0.11.x shouldn't have been uploaded) and started ignoring the
DPI of the screen.  I believe a new vte was uploaded yesterday which
should fix this issue.

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