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Re: annoying changes in gnome-terminal

Christian Marillat <marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr> writes:
> > I don't know why only gnome-terminal seems to be affected, but then
> > fonts in debian are a big fragile glump to me; I guess I was lucky
> > that things worked for even a short while...:-(
> User aren't supposed to use unstable like stable. Each time you do an
> apt-get bugs are fixed some others are introduced.

Er, yeah, I understand that.

> > So ... any ideas?  Has anyone heard of similar problems, or have a clue
> > where the trouble actually lies?
> If you want to use unstable you should install apt-listchanges then you
> can received what's changed in the latest upgrade like :

I just look in /usr/share/doc for recent changes.

In this case, I didn't see anything obvious, and wondered if a debian
gnome guru had a better instinct for what might have changed.

I think this is a particuarly odd problem because it only seems to
affect gnome-terminal -- other gnome apps, using the same fonts and the
same font dialog, etc., seem to do `the correct thing.'

I notice that the ChangeLog for libvte4 has this entry, which may be

2003-02-26 nalin
	* src/vte.c(vte_terminal_font_open_xft,vte_terminal_font_open_pango):
	tweak width calculations to handle incomplete font coverage.  From HEAD.

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