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Re: GNOME 2 in Sarge (testing)

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 11:00, Ross Burton wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 15:09, Joe Drew wrote:
> > I'm writing to propose that, once all GNOME 2.2 packages are in unstable
> > (I know that I have not gotten the full 2.2 version of some of my
> > packages created yet), we close this bug and allow GNOME 2 to flow into
> > testing whenever the current testing situation is sorted out.
> What packages are you thinking of?

gedit in particular, but your point of gdm is a good one.

> I also think that gthumb should be removed, and gthumb2 renamed to
> gthumb. Of course, gthumb2 does have some critical packaging bugs atm...
> I might have to create some patches, as I use gthumb.

File bugs on gthumb2 where the problems exist, and file another bug on
gthumb saying that it should be updated to the GNOME 2 version. Ensure
to get a bug filed on ftp.debian.org to get gthumb2 removed once gthumb
is updated. (Although gthumb is not part of GNOME 2.2 as released by
GNOME, the consensus is not to have *2 GNOME packages in Debian.)

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