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GNOME 2 in Sarge (testing)

More than 200 days ago I filed bug 154048 on libgnomeui-0 to keep GNOME
2 out of testing until it is ready. SInce that time, GNOME 2.2 has been
released, and by most accounts GNOME 2.2 is much better than GNOME 1.4
currently in testing.

I'm writing to propose that, once all GNOME 2.2 packages are in unstable
(I know that I have not gotten the full 2.2 version of some of my
packages created yet), we close this bug and allow GNOME 2 to flow into
testing whenever the current testing situation is sorted out.

In particular, I think that the GNOME 1.4 migration scripts have been
adequately tested (though some recent testers' input is appreciated),
which was one of our major concerns with just blindly putting GNOME 2
into testing.



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