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Nautilus CD Burner tested - woody packages available !!!


I tested Nautilus CD Burner from www.burtonini.com/debian and made packages for woody (for dependancies see apt-get.org). See http://files.akl.lt/veidrodis/misc_deb_packages/stable/

All thinks works OK, but I've some suggestions:
1. There are no user-friendly posibility to start nautilus-cd-burner. I suggest to do a .destop file and put it to in GNOME menu->Programs->Tools. Also debian meniu entry should be added too.
2. There are no user-friendly way to go to burn:// location. Maybe nautilus-script "Copy selected files/directories to CD" and "CD Contents" location in nautilus "Go" menu should be added ?

It would be nice to see nautilus-cd-burner in Debian unstable ASAP :)

Btw, I tested devilspie from www.burtonini.com/debian/unstable repository. It's very usefull application - what are plans about nice GUI or adding some commands to metacity window menu ?

Ross Burton <ross@burtonini.com> wrote:
>I have built the package, but didn't want to upload it until I had
>tested it well, as it is flakey at times.
>It is available in my APT repo at www.burtonini.com/debian, in the
>experimental distribution.  If you can try it, see if it works for you,
>etc, I'll upload to sid.

Good luck,
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