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Re: Nautilus CD Burner tested - woody packages available !!!

<quote who="Mantas Kriau?i?nas">

> 1. There are no user-friendly posibility to start nautilus-cd-burner. I
> suggest to do a .destop file and put it to in GNOME menu->Programs->Tools.
> Also debian meniu entry should be added too.

There is a patch available in Red Hat 8.$NEXTVERSION to make a "Burn CD"
button appear when a window shows the burn:// location.

> 2. There are no user-friendly way to go to burn:// location. Maybe
> nautilus-script "Copy selected files/directories to CD" and "CD Contents"
> location in nautilus "Go" menu should be added ?

Red Hat's magicdev supports blank disks, and will pop up the burn://
location by default if one is inserted.

- Jeff

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