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Re: abiword-common conflicts

Scott Henson <shenson2@silvercoin.dyndns.org> writes:

> On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 09:59, Walter Reed wrote:
>> In other words, it is TOTALLY unusable for anything at all. It can't
>> even handle very simplistic documents.
> Im just wondering, but is there any chance that we could get OOo listed
> in the dependencies for gnome.  Like put it in as an or against abiword
> and gnumerics.  I think OOo has far surpassed both of these projects and
> it would be a better idea to have these installed over abiword and
> gnumerics.  Just MHO.
OOo is not part of Gnome. Futhermore is OOo a really huge beast
compared to Abiword + Gnumeric.

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