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Re: Theme manager -- should I clean anything?

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 10:59:45AM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> Install the 'gnome' or 'gnome-core' metapackage and you should get
> everything you need.

I already have that. I rephrase: sawfish themes are not managed
by gnome-theme-manager. This is disturbing (upsetting?).

And I cannot use metacity, it lacks features such as the pack-windows
shortcuts - see below, the Crux theme looks really poor when placing
the buttons to the left, I can't have on the same window-title button
the maximize-vertical and maximize functions.

Btw, the Crux theme looks really poor: symbols inside the buttons are
too large, which is not the case in sawfish.

(custom-set-keymap (quote global-keymap) (quote (keymap (cycle-windows .
"A-TAB") (iconify-window . "A-C-DEL") (iconify-group . "A-C-Insert")
(cycle-class . "M-TAB") (pack-window-down . "A-C-Down")
(pack-window-right . "A-C-Right") (pack-window-up . "A-C-Up")
(pack-window-left . "A-C-Left") (resize-selected-window .

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