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Re: Theme manager -- should I clean anything?

On Feb 20, Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:

> I already have that. I rephrase: sawfish themes are not managed by
> gnome-theme-manager. This is disturbing (upsetting?).

Sawfish settings are not (yet) integrated into the GNOME desktop
preferences.  For this to happen, someone will need to write Sawfish
support for the theme manager, "Windows" capplet, font properties, etc.

I use Sawfish myself, and it's a minor irritation that its configuration
isn't integrated with GNOME's, but I can live with it.

> Btw, the Crux theme looks really poor: symbols inside the buttons are
> too large, which is not the case in sawfish.

Most Metacity themes are resizable; try using a larger titlebar font.

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