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GNOME HIG (was "Workrave anyone?")

> Workrave is not part of GNOME2, so I don't see why non-compliance to
> GNOME's HIG is a bug. Do you think authors of unrelated (but perhaps
> GNOME-aware) software should be pressured into doing gnome-type UIs
> Am I missing something here?

HIG inconsistancies might not be considered "bugs" by third-party
developers, but they are definitely issues that affect users and should
be fixed wherever reasonable.

The GNOME HIG is not just for GNOME Desktop components; it is also for
third-party applications, just like Apple's Human Interface Guidelines
are recommended for all developers of software that runs on Mac OS.

The introduction to the GNOME HIG 1.0 says:

  This document tells you how to create applications that look right,
  behave properly, and fit into the GNOME user interface as a whole. It
  is written for interface designers, graphic artists and software
  developers who will be creating software for the GNOME environment.

  These guidelines are meant to help you write applications that are
  easy to use and consistent with the GNOME desktop. Following these
  guidelines will have many benefits: [...]


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