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Re: informal RFA for orbit/orbit2/libidl/linc

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 02:12:35AM +0100, Sebastian Rittau wrote:

> Concerning nroff and man pages: No, I don't know nroff by any means,
> but I've been able to produce man pages in the past by just looking
> at other pages.

That sounds good enough -- that's how I started.  If you also browse
through "info '(groff)man'" (a fairly quick browse), you should know
as much as I do, and possibly more. :)

> (If someone more competent steps up and wants to take these packages,
> I would be more than glad, though.)

Ok, I'll leave it up to you.  It's yours if you want it, or you can
wait a day or two and see if anyone else speaks up.

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