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informal RFA for orbit/orbit2/libidl/linc


This is an informal Request-For-Adoption for orbit and orbit2 (and the
two orbit2 support libraries, libidl and linc).  I haven't used Gnome
in a while, so I thought I'd offer up the opportunity to someone who
does.  (Thus, a post to this list; if I don't get a response here,
I'll try the more standard/correct wnpp approach.)

They're reasonably clean packages (aside from the standard autoconf
hackery required by too-many debian packages these days), and fairly
low-maintenance.  Let me know if you're interested.  Preference will
be given to people who know enough *roff to maintain the man pages I
wrote and fill in the missing ones (1 each in orbit and orbit2).

Chris Waters           |  Pneumonoultra-        osis is too long
xtifr@debian.org       |  microscopicsilico-    to fit into a single
or xtifr@speakeasy.net |  volcaniconi-          standalone haiku

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