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Re: Gnome2.2 backport for woody completed

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 11:24, James D Strandboge wrote:

> There are a couple of caveats however.  
> Also, I decided to use fam from sid because gnome-vfs2 didn't
> build correctly without it.  However, this ends up breaking dependencies
> for apps that need libfam0, namely kdelibs.  

I fixed this and it is no longer an issue.

> I have a fully functioning gnome2.2 backport and instructions on how I
> did it, but not the bandwidth to make the debs available via apt.  If
> anyone is interested, I can email my notes and/or upload my debs to a
> site with bandwidth.

The backport is complete and upgrades from gnome1.4 are smooth.  The
sources and binaries for i386 are uploaded to a private server (~300MB),
ready to be mirrored, but the people who said they could host it have
not responded to my reply. 

Rob from debianplanet, I can't seem to reach you via email-- I get
'Undeliverd mail returned to sender' errors from your server.


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