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Gnome2.2 backport for woody completed

I have been working over the last week on a backport of gnome2.2 for
woody.  All I have done is taken the sid packages for the list of
packages on http://www.gnome.org/start/2.2/notes/rninstallation.html
and compiled them on woody from sid sources.  

For most packages, it was simply a 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot' on
woody.  For others it required pulling in extra packages (like for
gst-plugins), or modifying debian/control to use build dependencies from
woody rather than sid (eg python2.2 instead of python).  I also built
gconf1 from sid sources as it can coexist with gconf2.

There are a couple of caveats however.  First, you need to use the
(excellent) xfree86 4.2.1 woody backport from
http://people.debian.org/~blade/woody/i386. While probably not strictly
required, the gnome installation site (above) suggested xfree86 4.2 or
higher.  Also, I decided to use fam from sid because gnome-vfs2 didn't
build correctly without it.  However, this ends up breaking dependencies
for apps that need libfam0, namely kdelibs.  Since my users are gnome
users, but need the occasional kde app (kppp comes to mind), I
recompiled kdelibs from woody sources with the new fam.  Now all kde
apps won't uninstall themselves after the upgrade to gnome2.2.

The port also includes several extra packages like gtk2-engines-*,
fontilus, gnome-vfs-extras2, gnome-theme-extras, mozilla 1.2.1, galeon
1.2.7, gnucash 1.8.1, and gaim-cvs (from
http://people.debian.org/~robot101/gaim).  Evolution 1.2.2 is next on
the list, and shouldn't be too bad since I already ported 1.2.1 to woody
a while ago (including pilot-link, gnome-pilot, libgal, etc).  If
desired, I could upload my 1.2.1 debs for evolution.

I have a fully functioning gnome2.2 backport and instructions on how I
did it, but not the bandwidth to make the debs available via apt.  If
anyone is interested, I can email my notes and/or upload my debs to a
site with bandwidth.

Jamie Strandboge

Email:        jstrand1@rochester.rr.com
GPG/PGP ID:   26384A3A
Fingerprint:  D9FF DF4A 2D46 A353 A289  E8F5 AA75 DCBE 2638 4A3A

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