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Re: vfolder .desktop and Window Maker

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 06:52, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Marcelo E. Magallon">
> >  What I really miss in the VFolder proposal are categories such as
> >  "Viewers", "Math" and "Shells".  The whole games section is not granular
> >  enough.
> You have to remember that users find overbearing heirarchy confusing and
> invasive.

Best solution, imho, is not to have so many menu entries to begin with.

The Debian menues are filled with so much stuff it's not funny.  At
least half the apps in the menu are things I never use from a GUI,
things only ever used from a command line, or are dependencies for other
tools I do use.  But the Debian menu system doesn't give a user the
choice to ignore/remove/modify any of it, just the sysadmin - and even
if I have sysadmin rights on a box, it's a pita.  I'd uninstall the
packages to get rid of the entries if I didn't need them for other apps
or command-line work.

The vfolders let normal users sort and hide the menu according to their
tastes, and optionally remove the tons of entries that don't ever need
or want to sift thru.

Also, letting the applications decide how to organize menues is the way
to go.  People using some "l337," archaic WM might want to see 20 menu
entries to launch the fortune command in various slightly different
ways, all stuffed under a different menu branch, but someone who uses a
desktop geared for getting real life work done might want things
organized a bit more usefully (i.e., only showing menues for apps
categorized as Office, Graphics, etc., and leave out Games, command-line
tools, etc.).

This solves the problem of "lots of heirarchy is better!" "flat lists
are better", since the actual user and environment can decide.  One size
does not fit all.  I can certainly testify at least one user can't even
find anything in the current Debian menues.  ;-)

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