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Missing preferences in Gnome2

Hi folks,

I hope this is the correct mailling-list for this.

I've just pulled gnome(13) and friends into my
stable/testing/unstable/experimental/X-Strike-Force mix, and while I'm
happy with the Gnome 2 packaging in general (many thanks to those who put
so much time into it), I'm wondering about the following problem:
My "Desktop Preferences" menu entry is rather empty.  In fact, if I bring
up Nautilus with the "preferences:///" URI, or the one for "Start Here"
etc, I get nothing in the "Start Here" window, and only "Xscreensaver" in
the "Preferences" window.  Double-clicking on "Xscreensaver" lets me
attempt to rename the link, which is wrong, isn't it?.  Nautilus browses
the rest of the file-system OK.
Does anyone know how Nautilus handles these special URIs ? (I can see there
are quite a few passed to it - I think I saw this in gconf-editor).  Maybe
I've missed some important package?  I have set up apt-preferences to
favour stable (I think), and use aptitude (nice!) to override this
behaviour when I want newer packages.
Should I mention that my initial startup didn't get gnome-settings-daemon
started correctly? (seems fine now)


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