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Re: gnome-wm

On Oct 30, Christian Marillat wrote:

> > It works fine as a window manager and great as a gnome2 window manager.
> I'm talking about x-window-manager priority (See policy 12.8.4.)
> Because metacity doesn't support Debian menu, his priority is 50 thus
> it can't supersed non Gnome window manager. Then gnome-wm take the
> first x-window-manager with the same priority.

How about my proposal to add a gnome-window-manager alternative
to be used by gnome-session (with fallback to x-window-manager)?

This would only affect users running gnome-session, and only if
they installed the metacity or sawfish packages.  It could easily
be overridden by the local administrator or by individual users.

Many GNOME features are broken without a NETWM-aware window manager.
We need to present a desktop whose core features work and agree with
the documentation by default.  We won't stop people from using twm with
GNOME if they choose, but the default GNOME desktop should use a
GNOME-compatible window manager if one is installed.

> A window manager should support key-bindings  You loose a lot of time
> when you move your mouse. Configurable key-bindings are mandatory for
> a window manager.

Metacity supports configurable key-bindings.

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