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Re: gnome-wm

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 17:20, Matt Brubeck wrote:

> This sounds like a good short-term fix.  In the long run, would it
> be reasonable to create a new alternative named gnome-window-manager?
> This would be more maintainable as new NETWM-aware window managers
> become available.

Well, I think we should name an alternative like that
netwm-window-manager.  Hm, actually looking at the freedesktop.org site,
it looks like they're calling the spec EWMH.  Hm.  So a better name
would probably be "ewmh-x-window-manager".

I'll make a policy proposal for this.

> We could also have a Provides: netwm-window-manager (or something), and
> add a Recommends or Suggests to gnome-session.

Hm, that's also probably a good idea.

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