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Re: Results of transition scripts

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 17:33, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 13:16, Rick L Vinyard Jr wrote:
> OK, I am uploading newer versions of the package to that site now, which
> should hopefully fix some issues.

I'll try and update and test later today.

> > 2. Logged out and restarted gdm. Logged back in and got no results. The
> > transition script didn't start. At this point I looked at the docs on
> > gnome-session and in particular noted the need for the exec line and
> > WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable in .xinitrc.
> Hmmmm.  Can you give me more details here?  What does "no results" mean
> exactly?  

As far as gnome-session was concerned, it didn't start because of the
missing exec in .xinitrc. I thought I'd mention this since I haven't
modified .xinitrc at all, and many other users probably haven't either.
Thus, they might not even start gnome-session, even though a gnome
session was selected under gdm.

> The screen just stayed blue (or whatever), and nothing was
> started?  Did you get the default GNOME 2 desktop?  

I've been running the Gnome2 packages under experimental. This session
started unmodified.

> Also, what's in ~/.xsession-errors (or ~/.gnome-errors)?

Very little. .xsession-errors is empty, the following is .gnome-errors:

***** BEGIN .gnome-errors *****
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: checking /etc/login.defs for option UMASK
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: /etc/login.defs: "UMASK" is "022"
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: checking /etc/login.defs for option ULIMIT
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: checking /etc/login.defs for option MAIL_DIR
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: /etc/login.defs: "MAIL_DIR" is "/var/mail"
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: using /etc/X11/Xsession.options for options
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: checking /etc/X11/Xsession.options for option
/etc/gdm/Sessions//Gnome: checking /etc/X11/Xsession.options for option
You may only run one window manager

** (gnome-panel:18901): WARNING **: Unable to load panel stock icon 'go'

----- RELOADING FOLDER: Applications -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Accesories -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Other -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Programming -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Games -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Graphics -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Internet -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Multimedia -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Office -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Preferences -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Advanced -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Sawfish -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Accessibility -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: System -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: System -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Preferences -----
EXTERNALLY WATCHING: preferences:///
EXTERNALLY WATCHING: preferences:///
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Advanced -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: System -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Accessibility -----
----- RELOADING FOLDER: Sawfish -----
EXTERNALLY WATCHING: preferences:///sound.desktop
***** END .gnome-errors *****

> > Let me know if there are specific files or directories you would like to
> > compare (such as the old and the new .gnome/.gnome2 dirs). If you want
> > I'll tar 'em up and send them.
> Yes, it would be great if you could put them up on the web somewhere. 
> If not, email it to me (and let me know if it's ok if I put it up on the
> web so other people can use it to test too).

I'll try and get them posted later today. I'll send you a URL to them.

I have one box that is 'pristine' (never run the experimental packages
on it, pure sid). I'll make those available too.


Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

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