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Results of transition scripts

Just a few (very brief) notes about the results of using the transition
scripts. I've kept things brief and haven't attached files since I don't
want to flood the list with too much extraneous material.

Here's a brief run-down of the actions and results.

1. Installed the new files (in particular gnome-session) from the
following repositories:
	deb http://verbum.org/~walters/debian/ staging/i386/ 
	deb http://verbum.org/~walters/debian/ staging/all/

2. Logged out and restarted gdm. Logged back in and got no results. The
transition script didn't start. At this point I looked at the docs on
gnome-session and in particular noted the need for the exec line and
WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable in .xinitrc.

3a. Corrected .xinitrc and logged in again. This time the transition
scripts executed but with poor results. I had no window manager (former
manager was WindowMaker, but Sawfish was also configured).

3b. It did appear that the panels transitioned in place appropriately,
along with the volume applet. However, the other applets (flink,
asclock, xmms, multiload, mount, pager, gweather) didn't make the
transfer even though some (multiload, pager, gweather) are in gnome2.

4. I chose to not accept the settings, and logged in again with a clean
setup, which started Nautilus and properly started Sawfish with my
previous settings, and reconfigured from there.

Other notes:
It appeared that the settings from other apps in the .gnome directory
transitioned appropriately (just by 'eyeballing' the .gnome2 dir), but
the lack of a window manager prohibited me from testing that out. I
suppose I could have corrected it manually, but I just didn't have the

Let me know if there are specific files or directories you would like to
compare (such as the old and the new .gnome/.gnome2 dirs). If you want
I'll tar 'em up and send them.


Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

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