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Re: GNOME 2 transition this sunday?

Colin Walters wrote:
I've fixed the last few major bugs in the upgrade scripts.  It is time
to make the GNOME 2 transition.  What do you think about doing it this
Sunday?  Please get back to me ASAP.

How much feedback have you gotten for the scripts? A lot of successes, few failures - or what? (It would have been interesting to see some sort of automated collection of success or failure rates, but I suppose that ship has sailed).

Other than that, I'm all for it, excepting that I will be unable to support any of my packages for the next few weeks. (My IBM Deskstar hard drive is, for the second time, on its way back to IBM to be RMAd.)

If manual intervention is required on our part, would someone take responsibility of gnome-utils? Just an upload to unstable would be fine - I'll handle the closing of the piles of bugs which no longer apply to the new version.


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