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Antialiasing and ugly fonts

I discovered something which hit me when I enabled antialiasing:
a very strange font was used and almost unreadable.

I read that somebody was also touched by this and got Arnold Boecklin.
He was Lucky. I got Cartwright.

In fact, xft uses one of the first font in its path as the default
"Sans" and "Serif" fonts. Yeah, that's probably something dreadful to

Answer is simple (really):
match any family == "serif"  edit family += "Times New Roman";
match any family == "sans"  edit family += "Arial"; 

(change for something you like)

The default (shipped) XftConfig should probably contain some kind of
specifications (after all, X11 is installed with readable fonts)...

Should I file a bug ? (remember, it's Branden Robinson I will have
to deal with)...


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