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Re: Gnome2 hangs for 30 secs in startup [Resolved :)]

Hi there!

In a default install nothing sets the WINDOW_MANAGER, and you have
sawfish, metacity, or something in x-window-manager alternative.

If you install gnome2 then you have metacity possibly.

By default /usr/bin/gnome-wm will search for its command line for
--default-wm, in /usr/share/gnome/default.session it defaults to
gnome-wm, so it will call itself, but it's not a problem, because there
will be no more --default-wm so it falls back to look at
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager to determine de default.

It possibly will find sawfish now, or metacity.
So in the second turn it will set WINDOW_MANAGER to /usr/bin/metacity
the basename for it is metacity.

Now here comes the problem, in the first run gnome-wm eats the
--default-wm, AND also the --sm-client-id, so the "if [ ! -z "$SMID" ] ;"
test fails, and there will be no --sm-client-id passed to the default

I think this is the problem because the window-manager must
register at the smproxy, to allow the startup to proceed, and that's why I
see the sawfish cursor, but I must wait for the smproxy to time out
waiting for the window-manager to register itself.

That's one part, but by default if the fallback to the alternative takes
place, and WINDOW_MANAGER becomes something from
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager, in gnome-wm there's only enlightenment,
twm, sawfish has cases, so if you have metacity, even if you have an SMID
it won't be passed to metacity, because gnome-wm doesn't know anything
about it, and if not, then there will be no command line passed.

If you save your session end wipe gnome-wm out of it, then you're done,
default.session will be used no more...


So there are two problems, gnome-wm by default (from default.session)
calls itself without the default command line.

If you change the default-wm to x-window-manager then it's enough for this

The other problem is what the FIXME in gnome-wm says, there are no cases
for other windowmanagers, so a lot or at least metacity should be added.

I hope my mail is useful :)


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