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Re: transition status

Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> writes:

> Hello all,


> Ok, so we're doing pretty well on our transition plan.  Only two
> packages remain with the "2" suffix in experimental or unstable; namely,
> nautilus2 and file-roller2.  Takuo and Sebastien, could you guys upload
> new packages without the 2 suffix to experimental?  Please send a note
> to me when you're planning to do the upload so I can also update the
> metapackage.  Thanks!

Actually both nautilus are in unstable.

> After that, the next big step is to get the user settings transition
> scripts working.  Christian, have you made any progress on this?  I

I've stopped my work on that scripts when Raphael as filed the ctte bug
two months ago.

> remember you said you'd started on it a while ago.  Now that Red Hat 8
> is out, we could look at their packages to see what they've done.  I
> guess this is still partially pending on the "When to run upgrade
> scripts" thread on -devel.

I'm not sure if Red-Hat did some scripts for that. I'll try to check the
G2 rpm

> At least in our case though, we could pretty easily hack gnome-session
> so it would test whether the user had a ~/.gnome but not a ~/.gnome2,
> and offer to run the transition scripts then.  Make sense?

Not sufficient because G2 now use gconf and only some files in ~/.gnome
are still used in G2


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