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Re: transition status

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 12:43, Christian Marillat wrote:

> Actually both nautilus are in unstable.

Ok, right.  But he shouldn't replace the nautilus 1.0 in unstable with
nautilus2 yet.  So I think it makes sense to put nautilus 2.0 in
experimental without the 2 suffix.

> I've stopped my work on that scripts when Raphael as filed the ctte bug
> two months ago.

Well, since nothing useful has come from -ctte, we should just ignore
them and finish the s/2// transition, then get a rough working version
of the transition scripts, and then upload to unstable.  After that we
should try to get the whole mass into testing at once.

> I'm not sure if Red-Hat did some scripts for that. I'll try to check the
> G2 rpm

Ok, I will do that too.  Do you want to split up the work?  I can handle
the gnome-panel transition scripts if you like.

> > At least in our case though, we could pretty easily hack gnome-session
> > so it would test whether the user had a ~/.gnome but not a ~/.gnome2,
> > and offer to run the transition scripts then.  Make sense?
> Not sufficient because G2 now use gconf and only some files in ~/.gnome
> are still used in G2

Huh?  I don't see how that's relevant.  What we want is a way to test
whether this is the user's first time running GNOME 2.  I thought about
this a bit more, and I realized that since gnome-terminal 2.0 is already
in unstable, users will already have a ~/.gnome2 directory.  I think
testing for ~/.gnome2/panel2.d should be sufficient.  

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