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Re: gnome2 => gnome && GNOME on Debian page

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 06:19:59PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 17:09, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > But you need gdm2, right ? 
> To get antialiased fonts in the GDM login screen, yes.
> > Anyway i did as you told, but there was no AA fonts in gnome, so i
> > reverted to the previous idea of modifying /etc/gdm/Session/Gnome, and
> > it works well.
> Hmmm.  Strange.  I admit I never tried it with gdm1, but I don't see why
> it wouldn't work.  Can someone else confirm it fails with gdm1?
> > the font selection preference still freezes gnome though.
> No idea about this, it works fine here...

Well, this appear to be a general gnome preference thingy. Strangely,
today the gnome panel was no more auto hiding as i told it to do, so i
tried the panel preference, auto hiding was on, so i thought let's
disable it and reenable it again, and puf, gnome is frozen.

If this is a configuration problem like i was told, i very much would
like to know what i did wrong and how to fix it. And i don't think
"remove .gconf and restart gnome" is a good response. if i understood
well, it will loose all my settings (exactly the reason why gnome2 is
not in unstable, is it) and don't seem to be solving the problem anyway.

> > Anyway, if we are moving gnome2 to unstable, this may well be something
> > worth of a debconf question or something such, in one of the gnome or
> > gtk2 packages, or maybe we should provide a Gnome-AA session ?
> Hmmm.  I would rather it just worked well out of the box.  I think what
> we should do is turn on AA by default, and  (jamesh has mentioned this a
> few times) ship a nice /etc/X11/XftConfig, and make sure it works well. 
> The people who don't like it will be able to turn it off easily enough.

Well, i did some reading, and apparently, gnome will be switching to
xft2 or something such, and that is the reason it is not on by default,
it being maybe somewhat buggy or something such right now.

Does anyone have more info on this ?


Sven Luther
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