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Re: gnome2 => gnome && GNOME on Debian page

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 17:09, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> But you need gdm2, right ? 

To get antialiased fonts in the GDM login screen, yes.

> Anyway i did as you told, but there was no AA fonts in gnome, so i
> reverted to the previous idea of modifying /etc/gdm/Session/Gnome, and
> it works well.

Hmmm.  Strange.  I admit I never tried it with gdm1, but I don't see why
it wouldn't work.  Can someone else confirm it fails with gdm1?

> the font selection preference still freezes gnome though.

No idea about this, it works fine here...

> Anyway, if we are moving gnome2 to unstable, this may well be something
> worth of a debconf question or something such, in one of the gnome or
> gtk2 packages, or maybe we should provide a Gnome-AA session ?

Hmmm.  I would rather it just worked well out of the box.  I think what
we should do is turn on AA by default, and  (jamesh has mentioned this a
few times) ship a nice /etc/X11/XftConfig, and make sure it works well. 
The people who don't like it will be able to turn it off easily enough.

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