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Re: GNOME2 again (Re: Debian Weekly News - September 17th, 2002)

>> Graham Wilson <bob@decoy.wox.org> writes:

 > what about gnome2 packages in unstable? will they be moved to
 > experimental?

 Do you have any specific package in mind:

Package: acme
Package: bug-buddy
Package: celestia
Package: file-roller2 <- this perhaps?
Package: gael
Package: galeon-snapshot
Package: gedit
Package: glade-gnome-2 <- IIRC upstream decided on this one
Package: gnome-about
Package: gnome-db2 <- this has been superceeded by mergeant
Package: gnome-gv
Package: gnome-system-monitor
Package: gnome-terminal
Package: gnomemeeting
Package: gthumb2 <- this perhaps?
Package: libbonoboui2-0
Package: libbonoboui2-common
Package: libeel2-2
Package: libgail-gnome0
Package: libgnome-desktop-0
Package: libgnome2-dev
Package: libgnomedb2-1
Package: libgnomedb2-common
Package: libgnomemm1.3-6
Package: libgnomemm1.3-7
Package: libgnomeui-0
Package: libgnomeuimm1.3-10
Package: libnautilus2-2
Package: memprof
Package: mergeant
Package: metacity-setup
Package: metatheme
Package: mrproject
Package: nautilus2 <- or this?
Package: nautilus2-gtkhtml <- and this, I'd guess...
Package: netmon-applet
Package: rep-gtk-gnome
Package: totem
Package: yelp

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