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GNOME2 again (Re: Debian Weekly News - September 17th, 2002)

> GNOME Transition Stagnated. A while ago we reported about [19]ongoing
> [20]discussions that [21]deal with the process of adding GNOME 2 to
> the Debian archive. Finally, a [22]discussion was held on IRC
> involving the technical committee (ctte) and the GNOME release
> manager. It seems that people agree to keep GNOME 1 libraries as long
> as possible and that GNOME 2 should replace GNOME 1 at some stage in
> the future. However, it doesn't seem to be decided yet where to
> develop GNOME 2 packages. Raphaël would rather like to see a
> [23]decision by the Technical Committee rather than [24]implementing a
> staging area.

Yes, and here we are... some months after Woody's release still 
discussing if we should work on sarge or not... yes, let's delay
the release a bit... there's no problem in doing so...

Isn't it time we decide which GNOME we want to get released with 
sarge and start working on it? Are we doing any good to our
users by delaying the development? Do we really understand
what we are doing, what unstable's for, etc?


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