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Re: automated gdm session script

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 08:27:22AM -0500, David Dooling wrote:
> The Xsession is great if you just want to run a window
> manager through a $HOME/.xsession of $HOME/.Xclients file.

We have defaults, so you don't need to set up one of these files.  The
admin can override the defaults using the Debian alternatives

Frankly, I think a huge list of window managers would be more
confusing and intimidating than helpful to most novices.  ("What the
heck is a sawfish?  Or an `ohl'v-wum'?")  Whereas, anybody beyond the
novice stage is not going to have a problem figuring out how to set up
a .xsession file.

And most people are only going to install the window manager that they
use, which will automatically become the default.  So, offering their
one, lone wm as a separate option really doesn't help a lot.

Now, you're certainly welcome to file a wishlist bug against gdm, but
since you brought it up on the list, I'll proffer my opinion that this
is not a good idea.  But I'm not the gdm maintainer, so really, it's
up to Ryan.

Still, I hate to criticise someone who actually took the time to write
the code to fix the (percieved) problem before voicing a complaint.
Good on yer, mate.  Maybe if you could hack this a little more, to
make it optional (admin-selectable), this would be really nice.

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