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automated gdm session script


First of all, thanks for packaging gdm.

I noticed that several other display managers have scripts that
automatically update there list of session types available to the user
(normally one for each window manager and session manager).  By
default, gdm only has the Debian, Gnome, Gnome-AA, KDE, and Xsession
available.  The Xsession is great if you just want to run a window
manager through a $HOME/.xsession of $HOME/.Xclients file.
Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know enough to set one of these
up so that they can use just a window manager.  So I thought it would
be a good idea to add all the available window managers to the list of
gdm sessions.

Rather than just doing this by hand, I modified the script from wdm
which automatically generates the list of available window/session
managers and updates the config file.  I modified the script to only
query window managers, since the session managers already seem to be
taken care of.  Since gdm's session management is a little different
than the others (separate files for each session rather than a line in
a config file) I had to create a template file for each to use.  So
basically took the Xsession file and cut out the end that looks for
the user or system xsession/Xclient files and replaced it with lines
that invoke xscreensaver and start the window manager.

I am sending this to you in case you would want to include it with the
gdm package (perhaps modifying the init.d script to invoke this before
starting gdm).

While I am on several debian lists, I am not on debian-gtk-gnome.
Thanks again and take care.

David Dooling

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