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Re: libgnomeui 1.114

>> "MP" == Michael Petnuch <michael@technologyreview.org> writes:

> Hello.


>   I was recently trying to fix some wierdness with my panel-setup
> and I removed all gtk, glib, gnome, etc pacakges from my system and
> started my way to a gnome2 only system.  However when I got to install
> libgnomeui-0 pacakge I noticed that it depened on libgtk1.2.  I though
> that was strange, so I pulled up aptitude to see where the dependency
> was comming from.  Its depending on gtk1.2 becuase of gnome-libs-data.
> Now I could be wrong, but I am nearly positive that when I did a
> garnome install a while back I didn't need any instance of gtk1.2 to
> get gnome2-beta installed.  Is this just a misfiled dependency or am I
> missing something.

Dependency removed.


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