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Re: Packaging for cbind/cview

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 12:39:18PM +0530, Nilesh Patra wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> > In the cbind release, 0.1.5, it also has a notice that it's moving to a
> > new gitea repo: https://code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/cbind
> Wow, this is just plain annoying :-P
> And they did it quite literally *yesterday* (11 hours earlier from my
> time writing this mail)
> > I believe the gitlab repo should still be packaged for go, since there
> > are probably some things (including Amfora) that will reference the
> > gitlab godep location and not the new gitea one
> > This also causes an issues when building 0.1.5 from the gitlab repo,
> > and gives an error about missing a package from the new gitea repo and
> > therefore I believe only 0.1.4 will build from gitlab,
> You can simply change the XS-Go-Import-Path in d/control and it should
> work for the error you pasted.
> > For now 0.1.4-1 is packaged, uploaded to mentors, and pushed to salsa
> > if you could review,
> cbind uploaded! Thanks for your work on this :-)
> > For the new gitea repo, I'm assuming this is a whole new ITP, RFS and
> > package workflow since the package name will be different.
> It depends. We can use the same gitlab name if you want, but yes this
> brings in a lot of confusion. I've observed that golang libraries are
> accepted pretty soon by the FTP masters, so maybe this is not a problem.
> However, removing the gitab 0.14 one might be a mess.
> >I'll work on putting those in, but for now will focus on the original gitlab
> > packages.
> Yeah, sure. IMHO, could you please talk with upstream please? They could
> atleast *mirror* the development that they do on code.rocketnine.space
> on gitlab?
> That way, we save a lot of work and the golang libraries that
> depends on it can simply use the gitlab library import as well.

I've emailed upstream about the repo change, but haven't heard back yet.
Looking at Amfora (the package that needs the cview/cbind) and talking
with their upstream they've already moved to using the new rocketnine
repo and not gitlab,


So I think it would be best to try and remove
golang-gitlab-tslocum-cbind_0.1.4 from NEW if possible before it's
uploaded to unstable and just focus on packaging it from rocketnine.

This would then allow Amfora to package using what it's referencing now
as well as cview which also references rocketnine.

I have asked upstream if cview would move to rocketnine, but haven't
heard a response on that either. The gitlab repo for that has no mention
of moving and there's no cview repo on the rocketnine site currently.

How can we go about removing cbind from NEW? Should I bring it up in the
mentors IRC channel or send a bug or mail to a list?

For now I'll work on packaging cbind using rocketnine, ITP, salsa, etc
to get it prepped.

Thank you,

Micheal Waltz
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