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Re: Packaging for cbind/cview

On Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 01:49:26PM -0700, Micheal Waltz wrote:
> I've emailed upstream about the repo change, but haven't heard back yet.
> Looking at Amfora (the package that needs the cview/cbind) and talking
> with their upstream they've already moved to using the new rocketnine
> repo and not gitlab,
> https://github.com/makeworld-the-better-one/amfora/commit/3316b68ade23bfec90c90160c2f0e9ebe549f439


> So I think it would be best to try and remove
> golang-gitlab-tslocum-cbind_0.1.4 from NEW if possible before it's
> uploaded to unstable and just focus on packaging it from rocketnine.
> This would then allow Amfora to package using what it's referencing now
> as well as cview which also references rocketnine.
> I have asked upstream if cview would move to rocketnine, but haven't
> heard a response on that either. The gitlab repo for that has no mention
> of moving and there's no cview repo on the rocketnine site currently.
> How can we go about removing cbind from NEW? Should I bring it up in the
> mentors IRC channel or send a bug or mail to a list?


 - I did it for now, no need for you to do it

 - Please ask in #debian-ftp (IRC on OFTC) for a reject so this
   might be faster


None of things you mentioned work since it is at FTP Master's end - not
at mentors or mailing list end.
You would have got an email from ftp masters (automated) that cbind is
in NEW, with subject: "golang-gitlab-tslocum-cbind_0.1.4-1_amd64.changes
is NEW"

For future:

Just reply-all to that email and ask the FTP masters to reject it. You may
even top post (might be quick to pop in their eyes)

This is the general process for asking for a reject

> For now I'll work on packaging cbind using rocketnine, ITP, salsa, etc
> to get it prepped.

Yo, cool - thanks.


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